Shooters Hit Their Stride in League Week 4

MR CTL Press Release

In League Week 4, members of the Missouri River Clay Target League (MR CTL) trap shooting teams from Bismarck, Century, Legacy, Mandan, Shiloh, and St. Mary’s High Schools built on the great gains made in the previous week of competition and personal bests continued to mount as part of the growing North Dakota State High School Clay Target League (ND CTL) Spring Season.

Century’s Blaine Howard led all MR CTL shooters with a total of 49, coming on rounds of 24 and 25, with the competition quickly closing in behind him. Shiloh Freshman Andrew Ring and Century Eighth Grader Ethan Knopp posted perfect second rounds and totals of 48, along with Freshman Logan Heen of St. Mary’s on 24-24 shooting.  Austin Hartman of Shiloh rounded out the top five with a total of 47.  Colton Ternes of Mandan posted his first perfect round of the year, along with Isaac Wanner of St. Mary’s.  The five perfect rounds logged were a season high the six area schools.

First       Last                        Sch        Gr           R1           R2           Tot
Blaine    Howard                Cen        10           24           25           49
Ethan    Knopp                   Cen        8              23           25           48
Andrew Ring                       Shi         9              23           25           48
Logan    Heen                     StM        9              24           24           48
Austin   Hartman              Shi          12           23           24           47
Jackson Bryant                   Leg         9              23           23           46
Tug  Johnson                      Leg         8              22           24           46
Jake       Lang                       Leg         10           24           22           46
Colton   Ternes                  Man       9              25           21           46
Jarek     Berger                  Cen        10           22           23           45
Aidan    Franco                  Leg         9              22           23           45
Brackston Kemmet          Leg         8              21           24           45
Daniel   Murray                 Shi          10           24           21           45
Ethan    Oswald                 Cen        10           23           22           45
Isaac      Wanner                                StM        8              20           25           45
“When you start to see scores pile up in the high 40s, it’s evident the kids are finding their form, seeing the targets, and hitting their stride,” said Coach Eric Thompson, “across all six schools, the participants are peaking at just the right time,” he concluded.

The overall average for all six schools improved to 34.4, up 2.2 targets from League Week 3, and 60 shooters posted at least one round of 20 or more, a season high.  In Conference standings, Shiloh rises to second and Bismarck is fifth in Class 1A-2 out of 8 teams.  St. Mary’s moves up to fifth out of eight teams in Conference 1A-3 and Century jumps to second in the eight-team Conference 1A-4. On the highest in-conference scoring of the week, Legacy rises to fourth overall in the larger Conference 2A-2, while Mandan is sixth.

With his 49, and 149 out of 150 over the last three competition weeks, Howard sits atop all 1,400 shooters in the state with a 24.5 average going into the final week of competition.

In total, 180 shooters between the six Bismarck-Mandan area high schools are competing in the ND CTL spring season. Formed in 2015, the ND CTL competes in a virtual format, where student-athletes log their scores at a local shooting sports facility, which are then entered into the league’s online scoring system, where teams and individuals are ranked against their competitors statewide.  This spring over 1,400 students at 49 schools are participating in the league.

MR CTL teams are led by a staff of 25 coaches and supported by 55 volunteers who help instruct, score and supervise as part of the 2018 ND CTL spring season.  The program is funded by generous donations from local sponsors including: Presenting Sponsor Kupper Chevrolet, Kirkwood Scheels, Delta Waterfowl-Puddle Jumpers Chapter, Nodak Sportsmen’s Club, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Absolute Gun Dogs, Starion Bank, Lincoln Sportsman’s Club, Lexar Homes, Pretty Loaded, Warford Orthodontics, Lewis & Clark Wildlife Club, Wallwork Truck Center, Pheasants Forever-Lake McKenna Chapter, Advanced Business Methods, Entzel Trucking, RMS TriTec, Houston Engineering, Action Motor Sports, Double H Guns, Angie Sersha, Dakota Community Bank, iGear, Bobcat of Mandan, Central Dakota Strutters-NWTF, and Mandan Sporting Goods.

For more information on the league, visit, and to keep up with MR CTL, visit the six Bismarck-Mandan teams’ official website at

(Members of the Mandan CTL team participate in the celebratory “Shooting of the Hat” to mark a teammate’s first perfect round. MR CTL Photo by Jason Lueder.) 

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