Awards & Fun Day Celebrates Spring Accomplishments

MR CTL Press Release

Members of the Missouri River Clay Target League (MR CTL) teams were recognized for their hard work and celebrated a successful spring season in which 180 students from the six Bismarck-Mandan area schools competed in the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League (ND CTL).  As part of the program’s Awards and Fun Day, participants enjoyed a barbecue and shooting sports games along with the recognition portion of the event.  Businesses and individuals donating to the year-end barbecue and celebration event were: Master Bread Store, Bremer Bank, Schlotzky’s Deli and Albert Kershaw.

Century High School CTL Head Coach Darryl Howard (L) presents Sophomore Blaine Howard with a certificate for his MR CTL Top Gun, CHS Top Gun and Letterman’s Awards. MR CTL Photo by Susie Thompson.

Shooters who qualified for a letterman’s award maintained an average of 19 targets per round over the five-week league portion of the spring regular season competition, had to shoot all five league weeks, and six out of the seven total weeks, which included a practice week and reserve week.  The highest averages for each school, and for MR CTL as a whole, were recognized for their top performances on the year, with the same participation requirements. Award winners for the spring 2018 ND CTL season were as follows (The President’s Award is issued in place of the Letterman’s Award for students competing on behalf of St. Mary’s as the school does not recognize CTL as a letterman’s sport…yet):



First                       Last                        Sch         Gr           Avg        Awards

William                 Gebhardt            Bis          9              21.5        Top Gun-BHS, Letterman

Zac                         Steinke                 Bis          9              20.4        Letterman

Blaine                    Howard                 Cen        10           24.3        Male Top Gun-MR CTL,Top Gun-CHS, Letterman
Ethan                    Knopp                   Cen        8              21.7        Letterman
Cameron             Evanson               Cen        11           20.9        Letterman
Jarek                     Berger                  Cen        10           20.7        Letterman
Marshall               Grant                    Cen        11           20.4        Letterman
Ethan                    Oswald                 Cen        10           20.2        Letterman
Trenton                 Zainhofsky          Cen        10           19.5        Letterman

Jake                       Lang                       Leg         10           21.3        Top Gun-LHS, Letterman
Nicholas               Nicholson            Leg         11           21.2        Letterman
Chance                 Porsborg              Leg         12           20.9        Letterman
Isaiah                    Rexine                  Leg         9              20.7        Letterman
Wyatt                    Reuer                    Leg         8              20.2        Letterman
Jackson                 Bryant                   Leg         9              20.1        Letterman
Aidan                    Franco                  Leg         9              20.1        Letterman
Mckeon               Honeyman          Leg         8              20.1        Letterman
Cole                       Herbel                  Leg         11           20.0        Letterman
Brady                    Thomsen             Leg         12           19.2        Letterman
Brackston            Kemmet              Leg         8              19.1        Letterman
Ethan                    Grove                   Leg         8              19.0        Letterman
Tug                         Johnson               Leg         8              19.0        Letterman
Nathan                 Weiler                   Leg         9              19.0        Letterman

Mandan’s Jenna Thompson was the Female MR CTL Top Gun, leading all ladies with an average of 20.5 in the Spring Season. MR CTL Photo by Monica Paczkowski

Jacob                     Thomas                 Man       6              20.7        Top Gun-MHS, Letterman
Jase                       Helgeson             Man       10           20.5        Letterman
Jenna                    Thompson          Man       10           20.5        Female Top Gun-MR CTL, Letterman
Blake                     Boeshans            Man       9              20.3        Letterman
Isaac                      Berger                  Man       12           20.2        Letterman
Kaden                   Krause                  Man       12           20.1        Letterman
Boden                   Olson                    Man       10           19.8        Letterman
Dylan                     Fleck                      Man       12           19.7        Letterman
Kamdin                 Sedivec                 Man       11           19.4        Letterman
Brodey                 Matthiesen        Man       12           19.3        Letterman
Calby                     Geiger                  Man       8              19.1        Letterman
Nathan                 Gerding                 Man       8              19.0        Letterman

Austin                   Hartman              Shi          12           22.3        Top Gun-SCS, Letterman
Andrew                 Ring                       Shi          9              21.9        Letterman
Trenton                 Radenz                 Shi          8              21.0        Letterman
Daniel                   Murray                 Shi          10           20.7        Letterman
Jon                         Dolbec                  Shi          12           19.8        Letterman
Jonas                     Jonson                  Shi          12           19.0        Letterman

Logan                    Heen                     StM        9              21.0        Top Gun-SMCHS, President’s
Isaac                      Wanner                 StM        8              19.8        President’s
Dawson                 Mills                       StM        9              19.6        President’s


Up next, the six area schools will be represented by 130 shooters at the ND CTL State Tournament held on June 16 and 17 at the Shooting Park in Horace, N.D., an open-style event where participants test their shooting skills against other student-athletes in their respective classes.  Bismarck, Century, Shiloh and St. Mary’s will shoot in the Class 1A tournament on Saturday and Mandan and Legacy will shoot in the Class 2A tournament on Sunday.  For more information on the tournament, and for leaderboards on each day of the event, visit

MR CTL teams are led by a staff of 25 coaches and supported by 55 volunteers who help instruct, score and supervise as part of the 2018 ND CTL spring season.  The program is funded by generous donations from local sponsors including: Presenting Sponsor Kupper Chevrolet, Kirkwood Scheels, Delta Waterfowl-Puddle Jumpers Chapter, Nodak Sportsmen’s Club, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Absolute Gun Dogs, Starion Bank, Lincoln Sportsman’s Club, Lexar Homes, Pretty Loaded, Warford Orthodontics, Lewis & Clark Wildlife Club, Wallwork Truck Center, Pheasants Forever-Lake McKenna Chapter, Advanced Business Methods, Entzel Trucking, RMS TriTec, Houston Engineering, Action Motor Sports, Double H Guns, Angie Sersha, Dakota Community Bank, iGear, Bobcat of Mandan, Central Dakota Strutters-NWTF, and Mandan Sporting Goods.

For more information on the league, visit, and for photos and more on the year-end awards and fun day event, and to keep up with MR CTL, visit the six Bismarck-Mandan teams’ Facebook page.

(Featured Photo: MR CTL Participants have some fun at the back-em-up shoot as part of the season-end festivities at the Awards & Fun Day on Sun. June 3.  MR CTL Photo by Susie Thompson)


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