Century Wins Conference, Shooters Bring Home High Honors in LW5

Mandan’s Ian Eilers led all shooters in LW5 with a total of 45, closing his season with a perfect round. MR CTL Photo by Nick Simonson

MR CTL Press Release

In the warm and sunny conditions of the final week of fall league competition, Missouri River Clay Target League (MR CTL) trap shooting teams from Bismarck, Century, Legacy, Mandan, Shiloh, and St. Mary’s High Schools as part of the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League (ND CTL) Fall Season and top shooters brought home conference and statewide honors for their schools.

Mandan Sophomore Ian Eilers put a bow on his season with a perfect 25 in his final round to lead a pack of four who topped all MR CTL shooters with totals of 45 on the week.  With him was Legacy Senior Haley Boeder, and Century Juniors Blaine Howard and Trenton Zainhofsky.  Just behind that group was a trio with totals of 44 including Mandan Sophomore Bryce Brendel, Century Freshman Ethan Knopp and Legacy Freshman Josh Entzel, who started his day with a perfect round of 25.  Top MR CTL shooters in LW5 were:

First       Last                        Sch         Gr           R1           R2           Tot
Ian          Eilers                     Man       10           20           25           45
Haley     Boeder                 Leg         12           22           23           45
Blaine    Howard                 Cen        11           23           22           45
Trenton Zainhofsky          Cen        11           24           21           45
Bryce     Brendel                 Man       10           22           22           44
Ethan    Knopp                   Cen        9              23           21           44
Josh       Entzel                    Leg         9              25           19           44
Cameron Backer               Leg         12           19           24           43
Jacob     Thomas                 Man       7              21           22           43
Cassidy Lipelt                     Leg         11           21           22           43
Ryan      Bauer                    Cen        8              21           22           43
Zac         Steinke                 Bis          10           22           21           43
Nathan Gerding                 Man       9              23           20           43
Austin   White                    Leg         9              23           20           43

Legacy’s Josh “JJ” Entzel notched his first perfect round in LW5 competition. MR CTL Photo by Josh Entzel

“It was nice to have some good shooting conditions to finish the season,” said MR CTL Volunteer Coach Duane Boeder, “it gave our participants a great opportunity to showcase their improvement in this shorter stretch of competition,” he concluded.

State & Conference Honors

The Century High School Clay Target Team edged out Shanley High School to take home the Conference 3 title.  Bismarck High School finished second in Conference 2 competition behind Grafton, and Legacy finished third in Conference 4.

In Conference 4, MR CTL shooters Jenna Thompson, Cassidy Lipelt and Haley Boeder swept the podium in the ladies division.  Thompson finished second overall and Lipelt and Boeder finished fifth and sixth respectively in statewide ladies’ competition.

MR CTL participants placing in the top ten in each conference were:

First       Last                        Sch         Gr           Place     Avg

Conf 2 Boys
Andrew Ring                      Shi          10           6th         21.6
Zac Steinke                         Bis          10           T-7th     21.5

Conf 2 Girls
Tristan Klein                       Bis          7              6th         11.4
Mollie Stein                        Shi          8              9th         8.4
Alexis Knopp-Heidt         Bis          8              10th       6.9

Conf 3 Boys
Trenton Zainhofsky         Cen        10           8th         21.4

Conf 3 Girls
Rachel Dunlop                   Cen        8              3rd         16.0
Halle Dunlop                      Cen        9              4th         14.2
Alizabeth Krick                   Cen        12           5th         12.9
Aurora Zainhofsky           Cen        9              6th         12.8

Conf 4 Girls
Jenna Thompson              Man       11           1st          21.3
Cassidy Lipelt                     Leg         10           2nd        20.0
Haley Boeder                     Leg         12           3rd         19.7
Danielle Lueder                Man       10           8th         17.2
Kaitlin Dixon                       Man       12           9th         17.1
Kylie Thompson                Man       8              10th       16.3

Mandan’s Jenna Thompson won the Conference 4 Ladies division with a season average of 21.3. MR CTL Photo by Jason Lueder.

Complete scores, standings and final rankings for the 431-participant fall league can be found at ndclaytarget.com.

“These finishes on both team and individual levels show the progression of these schools’ programs in just two short years,” said MR CTL Volunteer Coach Nick Simonson, “the depth at each school is apparent, and the skills continue to improve exponentially for participants across all age levels; I’m looking forward to seeing what our local shooters can do in spring” he concluded.

Sign-ups for the spring season of ND CTL competition will be held at all six Bismarck-Mandan area high schools during the last two weeks of January on a first-come, first-served basis. With the recent surge in popularity of the league both statewide and locally (MR CTL shooters made up 27 percent of the fall league participants), interest is expected to be high, and with more than 150 shooters returning from 2018, it is anticipated that all 240 spots on the area high schools’ teams will be filled.  For information and updates on the sign-up process, bookmark mrctl.org and check in frequently as the enrollment period approaches.

MR CTL teams are led by a staff of 25 coaches and supported by 55 volunteers who help instruct, score and supervise as part of the 2018 ND CTL spring and fall seasons.  The program is funded by generous donations from local sponsors including: Presenting Sponsor Kupper Chevrolet, Kirkwood Scheels, Delta Waterfowl-Puddle Jumpers Chapter, Nodak Sportsmen’s Club, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Absolute Gun Dogs, Starion Bank, Lincoln Sportsman’s Club, Lexar Homes, Pretty Loaded, Warford Orthodontics, Lewis & Clark Wildlife Club, Wallwork Truck Center, Pheasants Forever-Lake McKenna Chapter, Advanced Business Methods, Entzel Trucking, RMS TriTec, Houston Engineering, Action Motor Sports, Double H Guns, Angie Sersha, Dakota Community Bank, iGear, Bobcat of Mandan, Central Dakota Strutters-NWTF, Prairie Patriot and Mandan Sporting Goods.

Featured Photo: Consistent shooting all season from Trenton Zainhofsky, Blaine Howard and Ethan Knopp (L to R) helped put the Patriots on top of  Conference 3 in the ND CTL Fall League. MR CTL photo by Jason Lueder. 




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