Join the MR CTL Coach & Volunteer Staff

MR CTL Release

If you are interested in becoming part of the dedicated and incredible Coaching and Volunteer Staff that keeps the Missouri River Clay Target League growing and our student-athletes succeeding on so many levels, please sign up to be a dedicated coach or volunteer at the link below.  We have many positions to fill and many needs week-in-and-week-out, EXPERIENCE IS NOT REQUIRED, only a good attitude.  We don’t need you every Sunday, just every Sunday you’re available.  You may sign up at the link below:

Additionally, we will provide training ahead of the season for the various duties, which include:

Coach – Help with form, stance, maintaining positive mental attitude, watching for issues and working with shooters on stand.
Scorekeeper – Tracking hits and misses, taking photos of top shooters, managing shooter movement in each round and returning score sheets to the front desk.
Range Safety Officer – Watching for muzzle control, checking for use of eye and ear protection, assisting with firearm jams, addressing issues on stand as needed.
House & Score Entry – Lining up the day’s shooting squads and house assignments, processing score sheets into our database, general cat herding.

PLEASE CONSIDER BEING A COACH OR A VOLUNTEER THIS SPRING AND HELPING OUT EACH WEEK!  Thank you to all of those who have served and will assist in these roles this spring.  Our devoted base of regular Coaches & Volunteers is the envy of the ND CTL.



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