Shooters Heat Up Spring in Early Modified Season

MR CTL Release

With the modified spring season of the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League kicking off on May 17, many dedicated shooters from the six Bismarck-Mandan area high schools participating in the Missouri River Clay Target League (MR CTL) picked up right where they left off last autumn.  As a non-contact sport which supports participants logging their rounds at least six feet apart, the season has begun with full social distancing and additional personal protective equipment requirements in place for shooters and volunteers after a six-week delay.

RayceGullicks50 copy
Legacy’s Rayce Gullicks paced all shooters logging LW1 rounds with a perfect 50.  MR CTL Photo by Jason Lueder.

In early shooting, which due to the changes has been expanded to a multiple-day weekly format to accommodate those participants who may have other scheduling issues, summer jobs and travel demands coming with the end of the school year, participants have been posting incredible scores and setting a solid standard for the rest of the modified season.

League Week One scores have been logged by most of the 195 shooters participating in the trap season with some impressive totals tallied in the early goings. Three Sabers paced early shooters, as Sophomore Rayce Gullicks posted his first perfect fifty to lead all participants.  Behind him, Senior Cassidy Lipelt notched a perfect round and a 24 for a total of 49 followed by Junior Austin Thomsen with a total of 48.  After them, Bismarck’s Will Gebhardt with a perfect round and Mandan’s Calby Geiger rounded out the top five with totals of 47.   Mandan’s Jacob Thomas and Taylor Seefeldt also recorded their first perfect 25s of the year.  Top shooters posting League Week One scores for MR CTL were:

First      Last                     Sch        Gr          Rd1       Rd2              Tot
Rayce    Gullicks               Leg        10         25         25              50
Cassidy Lipelt                  Leg        12         25         24              49
Austin   Thomsen            Leg        11         24         24              48
Will       Gebhardt            Bis         11         22         25              47
Calby    Geiger                 Man      10         24         23              47
Zac        Steinke               Bis         11         24         22              46
Andrew Neigum               Leg        10         23         23              46
Jacob    Thomas               Man      8            21         25              46
Daniel   Murray               Shi         12         24         22              46
Samantha Bauer             Leg        9            23         22              45
Taylor   Seefeldt              Man      11         20         25              45
Garrett McIntyre            Bis         8            22         22              44
Jack       Gebhardt            Bis         8            23         21              44
Ian         Eilers                   Man      11         20         24              44
Ivan       Boehm                Man      12         23         21              44

JennaThompson copy
Mandan’s Jenna Thompson posted a perfect round in LW2 shooting. MR CTL Photo by Cora Schlinger.

On target shooting continued for those participants getting their League Week Two rounds in ahead of the Memorial Day holiday, and another Legacy shooter carried the flawless mantle as Sophomore Ethan Grove notched his first perfect 50 in league competition. Mandan senior and reigning fall ladies overall season winner Jenna Thompson posted a total of 49, followed by Braves teammate Calby Geiger with a 48.  Bismarck’s Will Gebhardt, Legacy’s Jackson Bryant and Century Eighth Grader Kendon Erickson, with a perfect round, all posted totals of 47 to round out the top six.

Top shooters logging League Week Two rounds for MR CTL were:

First      Last                     Sch        Gr          Rd1       Rd2              Tot
Ethan    Grove                  Leg        10         25         25              50
Jenna    Thompson          Man      12         25         24              49
Calby    Geiger                 Man      10         25         23              48
Will       Gebhardt            Bis         11         25         22              47
Jackson Bryant                 Leg        11         23         24              47
Kendon Erickson              Cen       8            25         22              47
Cassidy Lipelt                  Leg        12         22         24              46
Taylor   Seefeldt              Man      11         24         22              46
Ivan       Boehm                Man      12         22         24              46
Isaac     Wanner                            StM       10         23              23         46
Jack       Gebhardt            Bis         8            22         23              45
Isaiah    Rexine                Leg        11         21         24              45

“The participants, both veteran and new, have adapted to the changes in place from wearing a protective face covering to the limited contact with coaches and teammates and risen to the occasion to perform at the highest levels early on” said MR CTL volunteer coach Nick Simonson, “their dedication is unquestionable and the joy we’re seeing from them being able to get back to their passion is a bright spot in our spring,” he concluded.

CalbyGeiger copy
Mandan’s Calby Geiger posted a LW2 total of 48 with a perfect round. MR CTL Photo by Eric Thompson.

In total, 195 shooters between the six Bismarck-Mandan area high schools are competing in the ND CTL spring season. Formed in 2015, the ND CTL competes in a virtual format, where student-athletes log their scores at a local shooting sports facility, which are then entered into the league’s online scoring system, where teams and individuals are ranked against their competitors statewide.  Weekly and season results will be posted at the end of June.

MR CTL teams are led by a staff of 25 coaches and supported by 55 volunteers who help instruct, score and supervise as part of the 2020 ND CTL spring season.  The program is funded by generous donations from local sponsors including: Presenting Sponsor Moritz Sport and Marine, Premier Shooting Sports Sponsor Kirkwood Scheels, the North Dakota Wildlife Federation, Mann Signs, Dakota Community Bank & Trust, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Absolute Gun Dogs, Lincoln Sportsman’s Club, North American Coal, Capital City Gun Club, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Clifford Erickson, LLLP, MDU Resources and 36 other sponsors in the Bismarck-Mandan area.

For more information on the league, visit, and to keep up with MR CTL, visit the six Bismarck-Mandan teams’ official website at

Featured Photo: A fresh look.  MR CTL shooters sport face coverings while logging their rounds in the modified ND CTL spring league.  MR CTL Photo by John Fox. 




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