WINNER LIST – Buck Tag Raffle 2019

6/03/2019 Greg Birnbaum – $100 Cash
6/03/2019 Daniel Burgard – $100 Cash
6/04/2019 Kevin Ritter – $100 Cash
6/05/2019 Mike Rosenau – TT15 Over/Under Trap 12 Gauge from HH Guns
6/06/2019 Evie Symanowski – $100 Cash
6/07/2019 Blain Porter – $100 Cash

6/07/2019 Shawn Anderson – $100 Cash

6/10/2019 Sarah Kuntz – $100 Cash
6/11/2019 Rob McClure – $100 Cash
6/12/2019 Rodney Friesz – Matthews Vertix Bow from Scheels
6/13/2019 Tumbleweed – $100 Cash
6/14/2019 Jeremy Heen – $100 Cash

6/14/2019 Dawn Arenz – $100 Cash

6/17/2019 Terry Brendel – $100 Cash
6/18/2019 Cory Lang – $100 Cash
6/19/2019 James Ruud – Browning A Bolt Package from Mandan Sporting Goods
6/20/2019 Breanna Leingang – $100 Cash
6/21/2019 Rich Carrier – $100 Cash

6/21/2019 Shana Gerving – $100 Cash

6/24/2019 Justin Heart – $100 Cash
6/24/2019 Mark Sandness – $100 Cash
6/25/2019 Martha Marquart – $100 Cash
6/26/2019 Bryce Schumacher – M&P 15 223 Caliber from Prairie Patriot
6/27/2019 Alice Grove – $100 Cash

6/28/2019 IVAN WILLIAMS – ND Buck Tag
Winners can contact MR CTL at mrctl25@gmail.com for prize information.


MR CTL Press Release

The Missouri River Clay Target League (MR CTL) is excited to announce its receipt of one of the 2019 NDG&F Special Allocation charity whitetail deer tags to help raise funds to support the program’s mission of getting more kids involved in the safe, fun and marksmanship-oriented competition of the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League (ND CTL).


Along with that tag, MR CTL has put together an awesome BIG BUCK CALENDAR RAFFLE with great prizes, beyond the grand prize of the Statewide ND Whitetail Tag.  MR CTL sponsors have stepped up to offer some great items to help fill out the raffle, including a TriStar TT15 12 Ga. Trap shotgun from Double H Guns; the new Mathews Vertix compound bow from Kirkwood Scheels; an M&P AR-15 from Prairie Patriot and a Browning A-Bolt Rifle & Scope package in the winner’s choice of caliber from Mandan Sporting Goods.  To top those items off, there are twenty $100 cash prizes as well.

Where to Buy Tickets
Tickets can be purchased at Mandan Sporting Goods, Prairie Patriot, and Double H Gun Shop starting Feb. 28, 2019 and will be on sale at Kirkwood Scheels on Mar. 9, 10, 15 & 16 at the MR CTL shooting sports booth in the firearms section on those dates.  Tickets can also be purchased from MR CTL coaches, volunteers and participants in the Bismarck-Mandan community.

General Raffle Rules & Info
– Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased by cash or check (pay to: “MR CTL”)
– Only 2,000 Tickets Will Be Sold
– Need Not Be Present to Win
– Prize  drawings will take place May 29, 2019 at 4480 Coleman Street, Bismarck, ND and will be video-recorded with witnesses
– All tickets are eligible for guns & cash prizes and will be drawn in date order on ticket
– All tickets (drawn for guns and cash and undrawn) will be eligible for the deer tag and a separate grand prize drawing will be held immediately after guns and cash drawings
– Winners will be announced on weekdays from June 3-28 on the MR CTL Facebook Page
– The raffle is conducted under City of Bismarck Permit #19-00030

Grand Prize Statewide Whitetail Tag Info
– The tag is valid for any whitetailed deer – antlered or antlerless
– The tag is valid in all deer hunting units in ND
– Tag is transferable to any other person by winner
– Winner may be a resident or non-resident of ND
– Tag is good for all three deer seasons (bow, rifle and/or muzzleloader) when hunting with the appropriate weapon
– If the winner draws a firearms deer tag in the general deer lottery drawing, they will have the option of using their special allocation tag, or their standard firearms tag, but not both during firearms deer season.
– Winner is responsible for compliance with all applicable hunting rules and regulations
– For more information on licensing or other more specific questions beyond the information provided here for the special allocation tag, please contact the NDG&F Dept. 



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